What Are We Talking About?

Officina Novepunti is glad to present The Letterpress Workers International Summit 2014, an international letterpress workshop, followed by an exhibition, which will take place in Leoncavallo, Milano, from the 18th to 22nd of June. During the workshop, about twenty designers, from different European and Central American studios, will work side by side, using typefaces, rolls, inks and paper, in the presence of an audience. The resulting artworks will be shown in an exhibition, starting right after the workshop: on the same occasion, other typographical works, selected from a pool of Italian typographers, will be shown.

Past editions

In April 2012, the First Letterpress Workers Summit took place during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. We invited eight European oustanding typographers to jointly work on a virtual scenario. The event took place at the Museo del Lavoro (Museum of Work & Culture) in Sesto San Giovanni. The museum is located in a fascinating place, entirely devoted to industrial heritage. We had a lot of fun printing together, sharing experiences and knowledge, talking about letterpress in each of our countries, with new great friends...
In June 2013 the Second edition showed a huge line up, about 20 typographers from all over the world, working together in the beautiful spaces of Macao, the former city’s slaughterhouse... No fear or blood: just gallons of ink, the joy of meeting each other and printing really good stuff about food and market.

  • "Last years have been nice on the experimental side, digging positively and negatively the rise and fall of the sun everyday."
    Joao Pinto
  • “Letterpress Workers 2013 – an intoxicating mix of ink, type, adrenaline, creativity, friendship, cultural exchange and spirit”
  • "The size for me is very important."
  • “Now I know what it feels like to work in a sweat shop in Malaysia."

3rd edition
Theme, schedule and equipment


These invisible lines run across our globe, separating one country from another, then one region from another, then one city. Invisible lines also run through our societies, segmenting who interacts with who. Invisibility does not make these divisions less strong. Borders do not have to be as visible, as the Berlin Wall once was, to exert effect and, perhaps because of their invisibility, the results of these divisions are accepted unequivocally. Despite living in an era of virtual communication and leisure travel across continents, invisible and unmarked borders remain. We integrate these divisions into our psyche. We also add our own, creating boundaries to define the world, ourselves, and our place in it. These invisible lines will be made visible in our works, Letterpress Workers; you will be asked to provide your personal typographical interpretation of what a border is.

Typo Market + Bar

A typo market will be held during the entire event, where you will be able to find and purchase prints by your favourite letterpress workers. We will be around, happy to chat with you over a nice cold beer and help you choose your favourite piece of work!

  • “A group of international like-minded individuals share skills & make friendships amongst other craftspeople."
  • “For me LPW is one of the most important annual letterpress events in Europe - as it is direct communication and inspiration - technical as well as business development - between letterpress printers."
  • “Why are those Italians always so blooming political… even the innocent french fry is apparently an important symbol of the socialist struggle against capitalist oppressors.”

Meet the workers!

We have a team of truly awesome folk. You'll love 'em!

Our precious partners and sponsors

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Our Temporary Printshop

The third edition of the LPW will take place in Leoncavallo, the most important squat in Milan.

Where we are

Leoncavallo - Via Watteau 7, 20125 - Milano


The easiest way to get there is to go to Milano Central Station by bus or train (from any airport you will find out fast and easy connections), then to catch a bus or a taxi to the final destination.

From Central Station / Bus
n.81 - to “Via E. De Marchi / Via S. R. delle Ande” Stop
n.87 - to “Piazza Greco” Stop
  • "Feel lucky to be part of this amazing experience in a fun and creative environment filled with inspiration and ideas."
  • “We really enjoy the letterpress workers of last year, we printed with a lot of expert and talent typographers and we learn a lot of new techniques everything without forgetting to have fun.”
  • "Five o’clock, it’s time for tea guys, Darjeeling or Earl Grey?"

Book: LPW The experience

The book kicks evolved out of the first two Letterpress Workers Summits. It tells about the participants and shows the materials printed during these events. Hence the title: The experience. The book itself is a collective experience: the partecipants contributed to the production in different ways and at different times.

The standard edition is 36 pages with a cover printed in letterpress. Size 30x24 cm, 4 colours, 250 copies, printed by Fontegrafica with paper Natural Evolution Recy Frost (145 gr) and Stardream Crystal (280 gr) by Gruppo Cordenons. The cover is printed on Natural Evolution Recy Frost 280 gr by Gruppo Cordenons

The deluxe limited edition of 120 copies also includes a collection of 16 prints produced by the participants of the previous editions of Lpw and collected in a special box, also produced by Fontegrafica.

For sale during the event. And after it, all across Europe...